Lets Talk Pants

Hey Happy People,

How has the weekend been going? I have a three day weekend so I’m feeling extra rested and filled with food and joy!

Today’s project is re-creating your favorite pants. Pants have always given me a hard time, actually they give me the IBI-JI-BEES :(. So I faced my fears head on……..

What You Needdsc_1013.jpg

  1. Fabric
  2. Favorite Pants (comfortable fit)
  3. Zipper
  4. Sewing Machine




  • Lay out your Fabric and fold up to the amount you need.







  • Place the pants on your laid out fabric, add an inch all around and cut out. Do this twice as you need 4 pieces.




  • Sew along the sides of both two pieces. It should hopefully look like the picture below.






  • Now the tricky part is the crotch area, but I placed my zipper on the side so made it a tad bit easier. For both the front and back sew from waist to crotch. It should look like this below.


  • Then sew the In-seam from one end to the other.






  • Make a rectangle with your waist measurements and fold in half for your waist band. ((Waist +1″) X 4″)





Place zipper at the front or side. (Please see previous posts for how to place zipper). Fold in any excesses.

All Done!!!!!

I went all colorful with styling these wide leg pants, check it out below.

Photography Credit: Raymond Alozie







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My love for taking fashion driven pictures and fashion DIY's. DIY's make me believe that everything is possible with some time and alot of effort (googling) lol! If you love something, share it with the world. <3

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