Multi-Purpose Kimono

Multi-Purpose Kimono

Hi everyone,

It has been a minute since I posted anything and I do apologize, life happened. On the bright side I have finally gotten my NYC Inspection sticker for my car (Scarlett). No more battling tickets online screaming “He’s out of order, She’s out of order, You’re all out of order! LOL………………

On to todays project, I was inspired to make this Kimono after seeing it everywhere this summer. You can wear this as a dress or part of an outfit. It also serves well as a stylish pool/beach wear cover up. I made this in about an hour and this was my first time making one.

Lets get to it…….

What you Need:DSC_0177

  • Fabric (Preferably light weight)
  • Measurements (Table provided)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine




  1. Write down your required measurements.

Waist = 25″ + 2″ seam allowance

Desired Length = 37″ + 2″ seam allowance

2. Next, you’ll need to make your pattern (see instructions below).



-Fold the material in half, lengthwise and widthwise.



-From the folded side, draw out the shape below for the front and back respectively. You can do them together or separate.

-Hopefully it looks like the pictures below after you cut it out.










-Pin the front and back bodice at the shoulder seams (good side to good side) and sew.


-Match the center of your sleeve with the shoulder seam you just made, pin and sew.







-When you open both the front and the back, they should look like this.






-Place them on top of each other (good side to good side), pin and then sew (Blue lines). Leave at-least 7″ at the sleeve top as seen in the instructions for your hands to come through.

-Hem the rough edges and the bodice is done.

DSC_0697-To make the belt to tie around your waist, make a rectangle ((2 x Waistline)L X 4″W). Fold in half widthwise hiding any rough edges in your seam.

Thats about it. Truth be told, this was easier than I made myself believe. Give it a shot and tell me how it went for you.

Like I said earlier this can be its own outfit or part of another outfit. Check my Instagram (@sophiesclosetdiy) page for other ways to wear this.