Hello everyone,

What were my fellow fashionistas up to this weekend? I was super lazy on Saturday but cooked up a storm today i.e Sunday (Beef stew and Egusi) and it all tasted AMAZING according to my niece :D.

Alright then, enough about my weekend musings, today’s project is a boxy crop top. Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram page and see something and gasp saying “why do I not have that”?. Well that was my motivation to figure this out and  I decided I had to have it. I found it super easy to make and I’m sure you will too.


  • FABRIC (Atleast 1.5 yard)
  • FLEXIBLE RULER (optional)
  • SEWING MACHINE (Can be sewn by hand)

-Measurements include Seam/Finish allowance

  1. Measure the length of your shoulder and then add 7″ on both sides.
  2. Fold your fabric twice ( First in half and then into four). Divide your shoulder measurements + 7″ in half and on the folded side transfer your shoulder measurements horizontally on your fabric (start measuring from the pointy end). DSC_0251
  3. Again, from the pointy end, measure 5″ horizontally and 1″ down. Draw a curved line to join the two points. I used my flexible ruler to draw that line.
  4. Measure 19″ down from the point where your shoulder measurement ends, this would be the length of your top. Square up your shoulder and length of top measurements.You can make the length of the top shorter to fit your style.
  5. Unfold it and you should have a rectangle (shoulder length + 7″ on both ends and 19″ down) with an oval shape in the middle representing the neckline. The measurements for mine were: shoulder length + 7″ on both sides = 30″ and length of top = 19″.
  6. Fold all the edges twice  (1″ for each fold) making your finished edges a 2″ fold, pin and sew.DSC_0253DSC_0256
  7. For the neckline use Bias Tape to sew around it with a 1/4″ seam and your top is basically done. Ok I admit I did not use bias tape for mine because I did not think I needed it, but trust me bias tape does the work for you.
  8. Ok great work so far, but you do need something to hold your top together just incase the wind decides to blow your way. STRAPS!!! Cut 4 lines of your fabric with measurements; Length – 19″ & Width – 2″. Along the length  of the strap, fold 1/4″ on both sides and at the top and bottom ends fold 1/2″ also. Fold and stitch along width and length.
  9. Fold your top in half or not and measure 7″ and then 10″ down from the fold or the middle of the neckline. This is where you place 2 out of 4 straps, do the same for the other side pin and sew.

    You can now put on your top and strut your stuff down your own personal runway to the grocery store or to brunch.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, you can send me pictures of how yours turned out. I styled mine with white bell bottom pants from Forever 21. Can I just say they are the best right now, I am a tiny person and could never get my size but now I can. Its like they heard me or something “shrugs”.








  1. Onimisi
    July 9, 2017 / 11:25 pm

    Well it looks splendid but too small or is is the style. Love the fabric and hopes well with the slacks

    • July 10, 2017 / 5:38 pm

      Thank you Onimisi, that is the style 😊