DIY Upcycled Shirt-Dress

DIY Upcycled Shirt-Dress

This is my first post, so welcome to Sophies’ Closet DIY’s.

This post is on upcycling a shirt dress I got last year I believe. Now, lets pause for a bit and acknowledge AliExpress and how great of a website it is. Although I must say, there are always those stores with not so great products, so endeavor to read the feedback from previous customers with REAL pictures to show, but over-all it is a great website especially if you are not trying to break the bank.

What you need…………..

  1. Any Shirt-dress
  2. Liquid Stitch
  3. African fabric “Ankara” (with a design you like)

First you get the shirt-dress you want to upcycle, mine can be seen below. It is a cotton blend blue and white stripe material.

DSC_0231 (Shirt-Dress from AliExpress)

Anyone who knows me is aware of my LOVE for African fabric (Ankara), so alot of what I make is made with African fabric. It is so versatile and colorful and who doesn’t love vibrant colors aye? Even the monochrome lovers sometimes need a splash of color.

DSC_0875African Fabric (Ankara)

Moving on, I picked this fabric because I had left overs from a previous project, now this can be from any fabric of your choosing. They call this fabric “sweets” because the design on it looks alot like sweet wrappers.  I cut out the “sweets” pieces from my Ankara fabric that wanted on my shirt dress.

DSC_0878(Sweet pieces form Ankara fabric)

Then I used less than a pea size of my liquid stitch (can be found on Amazon) and rubbed it on the wrong side of my cut out pieces and placed it on my shirt-dress in a pattern that I had predetermined. A little goes a long way with liquid stitch, it is a great product for little additions to your projects without spending all day on it. Finally, leave it for at-least 24hrs to dry before you wear it or wash it.

Important: It is imperative that you have a predetermined pattern for where your cut out pieces go. You can use sewing pins to place all the pieces where you want them just to get an idea of the finished product.

That’s it, easy right? This was fun for me I hope it helps someone else re-invent their wardrobe without breaking the bank for summer. Here are pictures of the final product and how I styled it to make a work outfit.



Please feel free to share if you found this tutorial helpful.

Photo Credit: Raymond (Shorty)