Sophies’ Closet is a Fashion and Style Inspiration Blog based on DIY’s, Style inspirations and the love for creativity.

In here, you will find tutorials, instructionals, fashion advice and 1-min hacks to several wardrobe contents. They say those who can’t do teach, only I am not teaching only sharing and hopefully helping out someone somewhere as I have been helped by several myself.


Sophie was derived from the Greek word “Sophia” and it generally means “wisdom and/ skill”. I am a fashion stylist & enthusiast, seamstress and a full-time construction designer born in Nigeria but presently living in New York. I started this blog as an avenue to share my ideas and DIY projects and also educate anyone who has the same thrill I have for DIY fashion projects. I hope to turn this into a Global community where people come to learn and share their ideas on fashion around the world.