Hooded Crop!!!

Hooded Crop!!!

Hello Fashion Lovers,

Winter Series Cont’……….. The weather in New York has been less than pleasing (who else was out during the last BLIZZARD :'(, yes little ‘ol me). Despite the crazy weather out here I promised a Winter Series and dammit I will deliver even if its sparingly so bare with me on post timing :D.

This hooded crop is a cute staple for a casual day out. If you continue to the end of the post you’ll see I showed two ways to rock this hoodie.


-Stretchy cotton fabric (Heavy/Medium)

-Contrast fabric (I used African Print)


-Hoodie & Crop top(for pattern)

-Sewing machine



  • Fold crop top in half and fold fabric enough to accommodate crop top (see picture below), cut this out x2.









  • Again fold your fabric and place sleeve of crop top on the fold and cut out x2. Remember to measure your arm length to know how long you want your sleeves.














  • Sew the shoulders of the back & front together, right sides facing.



  • Place center of each sleeve where the shoulders meet. Pin the sleeve around the armhole of the top.




















  • Sew sides & Sleeves closed.



















  • Grab the hoodie you are using as a pattern and measure how wide the neckline is.










  • Transfer those measurements to your top (mine was 10″ wide). In order for your head to fit nicely, you have to measure down from the top of the neckline atleast 1″.






  • Now measure the the lengths and with of your hood from your pattern hoodie. This should give you an idea of how large or small you should have yours.
  • Cut this out 4x (2x main fabric and 2 lining/contrast fabric).

  • Sew the pieces together to create the hood.


  • Pin the hood (good side to good side) to the neckline and sew. The front part should overlap each other to hide rough edges in front.



You can hem the edges of your sleeves and the bottom part of your top. I liked my unfinished look.

All done! Step out in style :p. I styled it two ways so pick your favorite and let me know.