Fall/Winter/Sweater Series

Fall/Winter/Sweater Series

Hello Guys,

So Fall is here to stay for the next couple of months and I in particular am not so pleased about that. I am more of a Summer baby, I don’t like pumpkin spice and I am less than pleased with the cold (I am that one person who is always cold) :(. On a brighter note I do like the fallen leaves, the snow and the beautiful fall fashion :D.

So I have decided that I will jump into the fall fashion and have a Fall/Winter/Sweater Series. What are some of your favorite fall/winter colors and style? I am very partial to blue in any shade but I will explore other colors in the series.

We would start with a sweater dress, you can make this as long or short as you would like. I used 1 yard for the dress so buy according to your desired style.

What You Needdsc_1199.jpg

  1. Sweater Fabric (Amazon.com)
  2. A stretchy dress (Pattern)
  3. Arm circumference measurement
  4. Sewing Machine (with zigzag stitch)



DSC_1202Lay your fabric on a flat surface and fold length wise enough to accommodate your pattern folded in half.



DSC_1203Fold your pattern in half and place it on your folded fabric. Adjust as needed to fit the pattern. Pin your pattern to the fabric and cut leaving 1/2″ for seam allowance. Cut X2




Now you should have two identical pieces. Depending on how you want the neck  to look like, I suggest making the front neckline a little deeper than the back.dsc_1204.jpg

For the sleeves, you want to divide your arm circumference measurement in half and fold your material up to that measurement also leaving  1/2″ for seam allowance and pin in place. Measure out your arm length on the fabric leaving  1″ for seam allowance and cut out. Cut X2dsc_1205.jpg

To put it all together, you start of with joining the shoulders of the back and front of the dress with a zigzag stitch. This is the stitch type you are going to use for the entire project, it allows the fabric to stretch.


Now match the center of your sleeve piece to your shoulder seam, pin them together and sew.


Join the side seams of the dress from the bottom all the way up to the sleeves.

For the neck, you want to carefully measure the neckline of your dress, measure that out on your material with a height of 4″ and cut out.


Sew the rough edges together, making a circle. Fold the circle in half, and place it on the dress, good side to good side, pin and sew around.


Fold 1″ of the rough edges for the sleeve and the bottom of the dress, pin and sew.


You are all done.

I added a little flare of color to the sleeves by adding African print fabric to the sleeves. I would put up a  tutorial on how I did it in the Pattern tab.

Happy Fall Y’all!

Photography Credit: Raymond Alozie