Lets Talk Pants

Hey Happy People,

How has the weekend been going? I have a three day weekend so I’m feeling extra rested and filled with food and joy!

Today’s project is re-creating your favorite pants. Pants have always given me a hard time, actually they give me the IBI-JI-BEES :(. So I faced my fears head on……..

What You Needdsc_1013.jpg

  1. Fabric
  2. Favorite Pants (comfortable fit)
  3. Zipper
  4. Sewing Machine




  • Lay out your Fabric and fold up to the amount you need.







  • Place the pants on your laid out fabric, add an inch all around and cut out. Do this twice as you need 4 pieces.




  • Sew along the sides of both two pieces. It should hopefully look like the picture below.






  • Now the tricky part is the crotch area, but I placed my zipper on the side so made it a tad bit easier. For both the front and back sew from waist to crotch. It should look like this below.


  • Then sew the In-seam from one end to the other.






  • Make a rectangle with your waist measurements and fold in half for your waist band. ((Waist +1″) X 4″)





Place zipper at the front or side. (Please see previous posts for how to place zipper). Fold in any excesses.

All Done!!!!!

I went all colorful with styling these wide leg pants, check it out below.

Photography Credit: Raymond Alozie








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  1. Onimisi
    October 10, 2017 / 12:00 am

    Beautiful sophie.Fabric very African
    Very attractive. Your glasses changes you into a beautiful damsel