Fashion Meets Art!!!

Fashion Meets Art!!!

Hello Lo-vies,

I went fishing this weekend for the first time ever and I loved it so much I will be doing it more often. I caught so many keepers, but threw them back in because they looked sad and too cute. If you have not gone fishing before, try it, it is extremely relaxing :D.

Now, today’s project is close to my heart because as much as I love fashion, I also have room left in my heart to for ART! Who else gets excited about drawing or painting like I do? Lets see a show of hands shall we!

What You Will Need

  • Fabric Paint (Tulip)
  • Pencil and Drawing Pad/Paper
  • Paint Brushes
  • Fabric Marker
  • Fabric (To make a dress)/ Dress (To paint on)
  1. Cut out my shift dress on the material and lay it down on a flat surface.


2. Draw whatever you want painted on your fabric in your drawing pad. This helped me visualize the end product better. Not my best drawing *covers face*


3. Take your fabric maker and SUPER SIZE your drawing on the good side of your fabric pattern. Take your time with figuring out the right proportions and scales. I found that water on a towel/cloth helps clean mistakes made.DSC_1849



 4. When you are satisfied with your drawing, it is time to paint. OH JOY!!! Paint away with your Tulip fabric paint, glitter and paint brushes. I purchased my supplies at the Michaels Store.

P.S: Place paper towels under your garment because the paint WILL sip through the fabric and color your floors.


5. Let it dry for like 15mins and look to see if the color is deep/rich enough, if not re-paint over what you did before and let it dry again. Design it according to your drawing on paper.


6. Finally, when you are satisfied with what you painted, hang it up and let it dry for atleast 24 hours before you wear it out and atleast 48 hours before you wash it.


The one thing I love about Tulip fabric paint is that after it drys, it is not extremely stiff like you starched up your material, it still has some fluidity.

Lets get creative! Give it a try and tell me what you think. See how I styled my dress below.