DIY Bella Hadid Inspired Backless Button-Up Shirt.

DIY Bella Hadid Inspired Backless Button-Up Shirt.

Hello Fashion-Lovers,

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. It is a day of relaxation and preparation for the week to come. Monday doesn’t have to be so blue if your Sunday was effectively utilized.

For this DIY, I took inspiration from the beautiful and flawless Bella Hadid. She Slayed this outfit with a casual loose-fitted, low-waisted Levi’s and Nike sneakers.

Things You Will Need:

  1. Button-Down Shirt (Fairly fitted)
  2. Elastic
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing Machine (Can be done hand sewn)

  • Get your button-down shirt, you don’t want it to be closely fitted so use a shirt that is not so snug on you. I am a tiny person so in this case, I was able to use my sons’ previous school uniform :D.


  • Fold it in half length-wise.


  • Next, measure from your shoulder to your natural waist-line (usually on the same DSC_2008line as your belly button) and also how long you want your top.
  • Transfer those measurements to your button-up shirt and with a curved line connect those two points and cut as seen in the picture.




  • If you are more on the conservative side, this would be where you want to stop. DSC_2011When i tried it on at this point it was already beautiful. On the other hand if you are one of those daring and  fashionistas, please read on.






  • Loosen the side seams to how high you want the back to be and cut in a straight line. I cut mine where the sleeves are and tacked down the pleats in place so it doesn’t add more space.
  • Finally, you want some control at the back to make the top more fitted as you have fullsizeoutput_449ftaken out most of the structure of the shirt. I used elastic because I felt having to button up the shirt and then tie it at the back was double work.
  • Take your elastic and put it around your waist, then divide that into half and cut it. Take out 1″ from both sides of what is left and that is what you need for your back strap. Take a piece of your scrap fabric you cut out from the back, cut it into a rectangle that measures (WAIST/2) L X 4.5″ W.



  • Fold your rectangle into half length-wise and sew a 1/2″ seam. Turn it inside out and insert your elastic inside your hollow rectangle.
  • Your elastic should be shorter than your fabric rectangle, so you want to tack down (Sew) one side and pull the other end of your elastic to reach the other end of your hollow rectangle and tack down. Hopefully it looks like the picture on the bottom right.
  • Exactly where you measured your natural waist to be is where you want to pin your back strap to and sew. Fold the rough edges (1/4″)  and sew for a clean finish. I added flowers to the pocket to add some color, this is optional ofcourse.

That is the end of the tutorial. I styled it with a midi skirt and nude embroided heels (See pictures below).

This was an easy DIY for me to achieve, how easy did you find it trying to create yours? Comment below!

Have a happy Sunday everyone.