30 Minute Infinity Dress…….

30 Minute Infinity Dress…….

Hello everyone,

It has been a minute since I posted something new, this has been due to the ups and downs in life need I say more. Just know that no matter what you are going through in and out of life push through it in a fashionable outfit 😀 .

Ok, today’s project, I will be upcycling a gathered skirt into an infinity dress. Now this took me less than 30 minutes to achieve so challenge yourself and switch up an old skirt to make a statement on your next outing.

I once sold this skirt (SBS Rudy Skirts) and obviously kept one for myself because I love them. I have owned/worn this skirt since 2015 and now years down the line I wanted to do something different with it.


SBS Rudy Skirt


  • Fabric (1 yard or less)
  • Sewing Pins
  • Sewing Machine (Can be done by hand)
  • Skirt for Upcycling

  1. Cut out two rectangles from your fabric enough to cover your bust width-wise and go around you length-wise. Remember it goes up your shoulders and around your waist so make it long enough. Also add an inch for seam allowance/finishing. Measurements for mine are: length – 57″ & Width – 8″.

    Two Rectangles (8″ W X 57″ L)

2.  To create a clean finish you want to fold 1/4″ (towards the wrong side of your fabric) of the four sides of your rectangles. Do this twice and sew to enclose the rough edges.

3.  Grab your skirt and turn it inside out. You want to find the center front of your skirts’ waistband and the midpoint of one of the two short sides of both your rectangles (4″). Mark it and then take both rectangle midpoints and match them with the center front of your shirt waistband. This might be odd but you want the right/good side of the rectangles to face the wrong/bad side of your skirt.

4.  Pin try it on for fit and sew in a straight line.


Try on for size and fit and your dress is complete.

This DIY look can be for both a fun day and stylish night outfit.

I wore this out on a hot Sunday afternoon with my DIY Clutch and black low pump heels from Forever 21. See pictures below and happy DIY-I-N-G….

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