Fringed Skirt…..

Fringed Skirt…..

Hello guys,

I hope everyone who celebrates the 4th of July had a lovely day yesterday. This is my first 4th in NYC and I spent it in doors : (. I am new to New York and I should be more adventurous I know and I will be as soon as I make more friends I believe (that is what people tell me). Are they wrong? You tell me.

Today’s’ project is a fringe skirt and I am truly excited about this one as I have always wanted something with a fringe on it, not sure why I never made one. It is an exciting attire or accessory to have with or on your outfit.

OKAY! Lets get started………..

What You Will Need:

  • Fabric
  • Lining (Optional)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk/Fabric marker
  • Measuring tape
  • A Zipper
  • Sewing Machine

  1. IMG_3229First things you need are your waist, hip and length of skirt measurements or your favorite mini or midi skirt (depending on the length you are trying to achieve). Mine were waist: 25″, Hips: 36″, Length of Skirt: 19″. Now I did not create a pattern for this because I figured it is simple to re-create using your own measurements. I did however create a description of how to achieve this Skirt pattern and it can be found in the Patterns section of the blog.
  2. When you have created your patterns, fold your fabric, place the pattern aligned to the fold, (labelled on PDF description) pin and cut out. If you are using your favorite skirt fold it in half vertically and place it on your folded fabric pin and cut it out. You should have 3 pieces. 1 is the front pattern placed on the fold and the other 2 pieces will be your back pattern also placed on the fold but split in half.
  3. Less I forget, you can choose to add lining or just use your fabric. If you do use lining, what ever you cut out on your fabric cut on your lining. With this, you should have six pieces all together (3 fabric & 3 lining).
  4. Now we are ready to put it all together. Lay your front piece flat with the right/good side facing up, then take your back pieces with the right/good sides facing down and align them to your front piece on the sides, pin and sew.
  5. For those who also have lining this is an extra step, do the same for your lining then place your lining on your fabric piece (right sides facing each other) and sew the sides and the bottom. Turn this inside out and iron to reveal a neat finish. Fancy huh!
  6. Next, is to fold your waist band pattern in half making it 1″. Place one side of your waistband piece facing downward (rough edge facing up) on the top of your skirt (right sides facing each other) pin and sew. Then bring the other side of the waist band piece over the seam you have just sewn, pin (wrong sides facing) and top-stitch over all layers.
  7. Now the fun part. Lay your sewn skirt flat on the floor and measure how long/high you want your fringe to go and mark it with chalk/fabric maker. Then measure every 1/2″ horizontally from left to right. Do this at the top, center and bottom of the full length of where your fringe is going to be for better accuracy. Cut along those markings the full length of your fringe.
  8. Finally, the zipper. At this point you should try on your skirt to see how it fits. I dance around with mine out of pure excitement. I used an invisible zipper (14″), if you are still new to sewing you can use a normal zipper, it also works great.DSC_0226

Trim off any excesses and that’s it, 8 steps to your very own playful fringed skirt. Enjoy

Thanks for stopping by : )

Word of advice get yourself a zipper foot ( for your sewing machine, I wish someone told me this when I first started sewing. It makes sewing on your zipper very easy, invisible or not.

Here is how I styled it……….

Photographs by Raymond Alozie….

Current song obsession: Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran <3 <3