Triangle Bralette Top (For the love of Summer)

Triangle Bralette Top                                            (For the love of Summer)

Summer has fully arrived now (yaay or nay its here to stay for a while) and temperature’s in the 90’s are not so fun especially if you are out and about. So this has been of interest to me for the longest time now. A bralette that is custom made for me and my body type that I can comfortably wear. I have attached a pattern in the pattern section of the blog so you can try to make yours it is to scale so it can be printed out on an 8″ x 11″/A4 paper size. Now I spent my Saturday trying this out till I got what I thought was the best fit so I played around with the measurements a bit.

Things you’ll need:

  • Fabric
  • Separating Zipper
  • Sewing Machine (& Thread ofcourse)
  • Sewing pins


Bralette Pattern

I used an African print (Ankara) fabric because I can not stress enough how much I love that fabric. You can use neoprene (gives some support) or lace fabric (more for an undergarment I think), they both work great with this pattern.

After you create or print out your pattern and cut out the pieces, place it on your fabric and cut both your cups and underbust  strip out. Now you need to cut out two sets of the cup pieces from the pattern as one cup has two pieces. Look at the image below for clarity.

yellow ankara bralette

Ankara Cut Out Pieces

Then you sew your cup pieces together which will then form your cups for both the left and right side. For your underbust strip, if you use cotton fabric, I suggest attaching some kind of lining (can be any fabric)  so it does not turn out too fragile.


After this find the center part of your underbust strip and pin your sewn cups to it (good side to good side). Sew the pinned pieces together and then top-stitch along the edge of where the two pieces just sewn meet to keep the excess laying flat down.

Next the straps, again I decided to use the same fabric I used for the main body for the straps. You also can use 3/4″ elastic in a color of your choosing, again this gives extra lift to your bralette.



Measure how long you want your strap to be, make your straps and attach your straps from the bottom of the cup as seen in the picture below. This is so it is firm and will not split easily.


Try for fit especially for the strap, and where you are going to place your zipper. I measured my underbust and added an inch (for zipper) to get the measurement for my underbust strap and you can do the same.

Place your zipper at the back facing down on the good side of your fabric, pin and sew. Now, because the underbust strip is so short vertically, there are no zippers that short. Therefore, after you have sewn your zipper on, cut the excess leaving at least half an inch to tack down. This is because when you cut off the excess you cut off the zipper stopper and without tacking it down your zipper will come out of the teeth and become unusable.


That’s it, fit it to size and ta-dah all done. As seen in the finished product, I paired it with a mid-length fitted skirt because this shows a lot of skin and I wanted to tone it down just a tad bit. You could also wear it with wide leg pants.

I know this is a little more complicated so if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.














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